‘A hand-knotted rug is a creative expression of the designers vision’

SILK-AVENUE™ is an international company designing and manufacturing luxury custom carpets.

We travel all over the world to find excellence and exceptional quality in all aspects: from design to manufacturing and production. We strive to exhibit top quality luxury through our collection and unique custom pieces.

At SILK-AVENUE™ we specialize in hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets as well as vintage rugs and hides too. We work with many different techniques, textures and materials so that the choice for our clients is virtually unlimited, with almost 2000 colours available.

We offer an extensive gallery of patterns and designs that have been built up by our design team over the years. Each rug and carpet can be customized to our client’s specification, taste and need: after a design of the SILK-AVENUE™ collection is chosen, we can re-produce it in as many different ways as requested, so that every piece is unique. In addition we offer a complete bespoke service.

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One of SILK-AVENUE™’s strengths is enhancing the creativity behind each carpet’s design. It is our belief that ‘everyone can show originality within design’.

We encourage our clients to get inspired: might it be their surroundings, some literary influences, an art exhibition or anything and everything.

And we will help them in making their ‘dream’ come true, creating one-off design rugs.

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