SILK-AVENUE™ provides professional guidance and expertise from the beginning of the design process to the final room installation and placement. Our team not only offers an extensive knowledge within the carpet industry, but also professional interior designers who can assist on design, creative vision and colour palette which makes us unique in the market.  SILK-AVENUE™ provides a home/site consultation service, so every aspect of the carpet is considered not only in connection with the carpet itself but also how it reads within the space for which the rug is designed for.   

SILK-AVENUE™ has an extensive digital library and will also bring a collection of samples to your home/site consultation to help enhance the visual and tactile nature of the design process. 

SILK-AVENUE™ believes it is imperative to get the creative juices flowing from the initial meeting. 

Having an international clientele has given SILK-AVENUE™ the ability to work in many different ways so that our designers have a different approach for every client’s need. Often rugs are considered the ‘foundation’ of a room’s design. Through SILK-AVENUE™’s strong creative suggestions, each rug will act as a subtle piece of luxury within the space.

Whichever the approach, SILK-AVENUE™ is able to guide you through the process, as we appreciate there are many important details to consider.

Many of our clients require absolute discretion which is upheld in earnest by SILK-AVENUE™.

To book a consultation please do not hesitate to contact us on