Aesthetic vs. Function

When deciding on the approach and materials for your carpet, it is important that the function of the space is taken into account. 

Depending on the amount of footfall the carpet will endure will affect the technical approach and composition of the carpet SILK-AVENUE™ will produce.  This in turn will have knock-on effects to the pile height, density of the knotting to name a couple. 

Carpeting for staircases, for example, need to take into account the nosing of the stairs to ensure the density of the carpet is consistent on the flat treads and the bullnose of the step front.  Hand-knotted carpets can be used on staircases however the installation needs to be carried out by a specialist fitter

In correspondence with the above, the aesthetic needs to be considered in equal measure to the function.  The design/pattern may need to be moderately adjusted to enable the design to reach its ultimate aesthetic quality i.e. patterns/colours for wool carpets are subtly adjusted for silk carpets to take the lustre into account. 

SILK-AVENUE™ carpets are of the highest quality so they are produced to last.