Bespoke vs Silk Avenue Design Collection

SILK-AVENUE™ offers an extensive library of designs which have been creatively developed for our clients.   Each design can be implemented in any colourway of the client’s choosing, resulting in an element of personal creativity to any design.   Certain client’s find it hard to envisage how a design will look and consequently they prefer to refer to designs that have been tried and tested.  Due to our extensive range of samples, they are also able to touch and feel how the finished product will be and consequently prefer to select from the SILK-AVENUE™ collection rather than taking a more bespoke approach.

A bespoke or custom-made carpet is a completely unique item.  It will be the only one produced in the world illuminating any risk that someone will have the same carpet as you.  SILK-AVENUE™’s bespoke service is able to implement whatever the client envisages regarding design, colour, technical approach and size and with a shared creative vision a truly unique luxury product is created.