Cleaning & Care

Handmade carpets are exceptionably durable so they are very easy to maintain. Here are some helpful tips to keep your carpet looking its best. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact SILK-AVENUE™.


When SILK-AVENUE™ has installed a hand-tufted wall-to-wall carpet or area rug in your home we suggest you vacuum frequently for the initial few weeks in order to remove any excess fibres of loose threads which may be present due to the techniques used to create your carpet. Please be assured that it is totally normal, and it is not your carpet unraveling!!

With a hand-knotted carpet, loose threads occur when an individual knot has been missed on the warp or weft, and by a gentle pull, the thread can be removed. Each knot is individual, so it will not cause any unraveling. Also due to the density of the knots, a single missing knot will be filled in by the surrounding knots, so no gap will be visible.

Loose threads can also occur from a one-off thread being embedded in the pile before the shearing stage of the process takes place. If this is the case, SILK-AVENUE™ suggests the thread to be cut carefully with embroidery scissors.


If a small spillage occurs on your carpet, we suggest warm soapy water immediately applied with an absorbing cloth to mop up the stain as quickly as possible. We suggest you avoid harsh cleaning chemicals as they may interfere with the thread dye and cause a change in colour in your carpet.

If you experience a much larger spillage, please do not hesitate to get in touch with SILK-AVENUE™ as we have a professional cleaning service who will come out to your residence and repair the spillage at your earliest convenience.



SILK-AVENUE™ uses the best quality dyes that are available worldwide within carpet manufacturing. However, no dyes are totally impermeable to sunlight. Through time, your carpet will incur subtle fading in areas where the carpet has direct contact with sunlight. Consequently if you have an area rug and part can be affected, SILK-AVENUE™ suggests you rotate the carpet (if the design allows) to make the element of fading consistent on the rug.



To maintain your carpet’s ultimate quality and colour vibrancy, SILK-AVENUE™ would recommend an annual professional clean. This can be arranged directly though
SILK-AVENUE™, and will cause minimal disruption to your household.
Contact us now for more information or to book an appointment.