Silk vs Wool

Wool is a traditional carpet fibre that has been used for carpeting for centuries due to its low flammability, lightweight nature, soft, wrinkle resistant properties and the ability to bounce back to its original retention after it’s walked upon.  Wool has a low lustre appearance which allows the colours to be visually richer and more dense. 

Silk is the most expensive fibre in handmade carpets and consequently is used to make the most luxurious rugs in the world.  The fibre is so fine, the knottage of the carpet has to be exceptional in order to produce the carpet.  Dyed silk takes on rich, saturated colors with a distinctive, almost translucent luster enabling the carpet to take on a true luxurious quality.  The texture of a silk carpet is significantly softer in texture than any other fibre used for carpeting. SILK-AVENUE™ uses a variety of different silks including, banana silk, bamboo silk, china silk to name a few.

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