Flat Woven Carpet

The flat weave carpet technique is another old tradition which falls under the category of hand-made carpets.  The most distinctive characteristic of the flat woven carpet, is that the carpets contain no pile.

The carpets are created by interlocking vertical warp threads with horizontal weft threads which are looped together without achieving additional height.  This gives the impression that the pile is flat.  Resulting in the carpet taking on a more ‘mat-like’ aesthetic.  The design/pattern can be seen on both sides, resulting in a reversible carpet.

Types of this particular carpet which are recognized as ‘flat woven’ examples are the Kilim, Dhurrie and Soumak. 

These carpets can feel quiet firm underfoot so it is advised that the carpet is installed with a high-quality underlay to provide a little more cushion underfoot.

These carpets are considered a significantly more affordable option.  The materials used in production are usually wool, cotton or synthetic materials.