Hand Tufted Carpets

The hand-tufted approach is also considered a hand-crafted technique for carpet production, similar to the hand-knotted.  However, the production of a hand-tufted carpet is significantly quicker as it is produced without creating knots.  Instead the carpet maker uses a tool referred to as a ‘Tufting gun’.

Each carpet is set up on a frame, produced to the specific dimensions of the carpet, starting with a cloth being fixed with the imprint of the overall design.  The hand-gun is then used to inject the material (wool or silk) through the cloth foundation creating a loop pile.   This process is repeated until the carpet has been created.  Following completion, a latex coating, referred to as the ‘scrim’ is applied to the back enabling the structure of the ‘tufts’ to be held in place.    When this coating dries, a final protective cloth is applied, acting as the final backing.

On completion of the above the carpet is then sheared, enabling all the loops on the top of the rug to be cut, producing a ‘cut pile’ carpet.   The level of shearing adjusts the height of the pile.   Some designs encourage the combination of loop and cut pile to create a more dimensional effect to the pattern.  This can easily be achieved by only shearing certain elements of the design, thus leaving others to its original loop structure.

Hand-tufted carpets can be equally as beautiful as hand-knotted carpets, and due to the handgun speeding up the process significantly,  it is the more affordable option.