The SILK-AVENUE™ hide collection provides a sophisticated modern twist on a traditional rustic hide carpet.

We use cow skins from Spain, and with the combination of the genuine hair-on-hide leather cut from different patches of the hide, SILK-AVENUE™ is able to achieve an exciting textured and natural coloured variation within the carpet.

 Each of these rugs are handmade by our expert artisans, and with their unique creativity they are able to provide modern and geometric designs, hand stitched to make a patchwork and almost embroidered affect with leather.

 As well as the cow hides we also use Springbok from South Africa, to create a more unique and unexpected hide carpet.

These look fabulous when dyed in contemporary vibrant colours and have also been used for chair upholstery for a touch of the unique!

Hide carpets are a perfect option for a contemporary linear space, as they don’t have a noticeable thickness yet still create interest and texture to your interior designed space.    

Almost any design and colours are possible, and can be custom-sized to your desired dimensions.