Our Vintage rugs instill an essence of nostalgia into our collection along with representing a narrative to the rugs.

 The narrative begins with SILK-AVENUE™ sourcing vintage rugs; where the wool has been softened through time, the colours faded and the design less prominent.   The selected vintage rugs are then cut into various sized pieces ready to be patch worked together by hand in order to make a custom-sized area rug of your choosing.

SILK-AVENUE™ does also offer the original vintage rugs kept in the original size and not cut into patches.

 With regards to colours, depending on your choosing, SILK-AVENUE™ can re-dye the vintage rug into vibrant contemporary colours or keep the melancholy fading.

 For an added detail modification, in order to make your rug a one off, we can also introduce contrasting stitching to enhance the patchwork layout and stitching detailing.  All colours are available.