Carefully crafted and made-to-measure

There’s no limit to your creativity, and no limit to where we’ll go to source the quality you need.

Bring your vision to life

Over decades, our design team have travelled the globe to find only the best products and production methods. They’ve carefully selected premium patterns for you to choose from, then built strong relationships with manufacturers worldwide to develop our great supply chain and competitive lead times.

You’ll see that luxury first-hand in our collection and in our custom-made pieces. From hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets to vintage rugs and hides, we use different techniques and textures, and our materials are available in over 2,000 unique colours.

Of course, your vision isn’t limited to one option. Though each style has been personally selected, every single one can be customised to match colour scheme, size, and space. Once you’ve chosen your design, we can then reproduce it for you in as many ways as you like so each and every piece is bespoke.

Step out of the showroom

You need to imagine how your rug will look and feel in your client’s home. Bright showroom lights and impersonal space will never inspire you or show the textures the way you want them to. You need to see your colours in situ to bring your vision to life – which is why we do this with you, there in the space where your rug or carpet will sit.

As we don’t have a showroom, we’ll never ask you to come and meet us. Instead, we’ll visit you. We accompany interior designers on client visits and bring our products straight to your clients’ homes. This saves travelling across the city and lets you focus on the time we spend working together for your clients – to create that luxurious, individual experience from the start.

Custom creations from your client’s home

You’re choosing a rug or carpet to sit perfectly in a private home. That’s why it’s important to us that our visits are truly personal. We involve our team, who’ve travelled the world hand-selecting materials and learning the tools and techniques of the carpet industry to support your creative vision and colour palette. We’ll encourage you to try out textures, set up samples in your space and ask us as many questions as you like.

We’ll even bring drinks along so you can really imagine what it will be like relaxing in your space, making every at-home or on-site consultation engaging and enjoyable. It’s a service we know is unique in the market, and yet another way you can guarantee our approach is personal every single time.