Not sure where to start? Let us bring your creativity to life in luxury with our limitless bespoke range of individual rugs and carpets.

The bespoke service that we are renowned for ranges from adjusting elements of one of our existing designs to creating a completely unique idea. Our creative team are on hand to assist in both. We encourage change!

Every design displayed in our library can be altered and tailored to your preference. This is most commonly achieved by;

  • A unique colour palette. We offer a palette of over 2,000 colours to select from.
  • Changing elements of the design; either by removing or adding details or changing the scale. Our skilled team will provide you with renders to help illustrate this.
  • Changing the composition; either using the same material throughout or by mixing the composition allowing a change of texture in certain elements of the design. The finest and most luxurious materials are available to enhance this creative process.

Following the changes, we will produce a sample for you to illustrate the alterations made before the rug production begins.

If however you would like to develop a completely unique design, our creative team will assist you fully in the design development in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your vision.