Get Creative

Due to the constant developments within social media, images and uploads have become a way of life.  Thanks to our camera-equipped mobile phones, taking photos of our surrounds, wherever we are in the world has become quick and easy.  Consequently,  SILK-AVENUE™ want  to encourage their followers to upload their images through the website, with the intention to be creatively adapted into a unique carpet design, which in turn can be further developed into an actual carpet if desired.

SILK-AVENUE™ pride themselves on enhancing the creativity behind carpet design and through this method we can prove that EVERYONE has the ability to show originality within design. 

By uploading a personal photo you could for example, turn your children’s artwork into a carpet design.  Convert a treasured memory or a reminder of your favourite place you have visited into a design.  A vintage dress or suit you found in an antiques market can come back to life in the form of a carpet design.  Anything and everything can be your source of inspiration.  So get creative!!

Please contact our team for some great examples that our clients have used in the past with huge success.

The process is simple.  First you upload your photo.  This will then be developed by the SILK-AVENUE™ design team and turned into a  selection of ‘carpet design illustrations (CDI)’ which will be emailed out to you without any obligations to develop it further.  If you then wish to develop the CDI further for manufacturing, SILK-AVENUE™ will then work closely with you to make sure all aspects of your carpet has been considered, and the end result is the best possible outcome.

Your own piece of interior luxury developed from a quick snap!

Step 1

Take a photo!

Seen something on your travels that you think will work as a rug pattern? Take a photo of it and proceed to step 2

Step 2

Upload the photo to this website

Use the form at the bottom of this page to upload your photo to our site

Step 3

We create your custom rug design

We’ll take your photos and create a graphic representation of what your rug will look like then send it to you check over

Step 4

Your own unique bespoke rug

Once approved we’ll create your bespoke rug and deliver it to your doorstep



Get started

Select a photo and get a graphic design of what your rug will look like for £40:

Choose an image to use as a design for your rug.
Once you have uploaded your image, your custom rug will be added to your basket so that you can complete your order.