Freddy Van Zevenbergen

Designer biography

Freddy is a man in demand. His talent for creating interesting, welcoming interiors has led to numerous prestigious residential projects in the UK and overseas, with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry including Loulou’s private members club and Bagatelle, Monaco to name a few.


Since founding Lambart & Browne in 2010, Freddy has maintained a commitment to creating and designing spaces of the highest quality that are designed to meet the needs of discerning clients.


First and foremost is his modesty, coupled with a strict determination he passionately believes that the client is the king. Since forming Lambart & Browne, Freddy has continued to lead on projects of the very highest quality in a variety of sectors around the world, quickly gaining a reputation for creativity, flair, and a passion for perfection.


The design process itself is simple and as practical as possible, drawing everything by hand, overlaid with excellent mood boards, an injection of lighting and colour, and finished with an eclectic mix of furniture, books, decorative accessories results in great art to create a characterful, lived in look.


On the whole, his taste is defined by the twentieth century and he loves nothing more than to refurbish or reupholster vintage finds or to commission bespoke pieces based on favourite designs.



Ever since a child, Freddy was mesmerised by butterflies. Their beauty and diversity always did and continues to amaze him.


The enchanting quality of these creatures has the ability to transcend age groups, from new-borns to fine vintages! This is why he wished to give his paintings and designs a light-hearted spirit of childhood, as well as producing symbolism that can pass between all generations in the hope the butterflies’ innocence and playful nature manifests itself in his pieces.


For his figurative designs, Freddy wanted to capture a fleeting impression of pigmented powder, as if left behind by their wings, before they gently dance on to their next destination.


In conjunction with his romantic musing, the butterflies, by divine design, entertain his slight obsession and delight in symmetry and proportion. Freddy has explored and dallied with this aspect in my abstract compositions, trying to achieve recognition from the most minimal of forms.


Its appearance may be rustic but 'Heirloom' is beautiful and unique. Each piece is hand-crafted and finished to the highest quality, providing a reliable and invaluable resource to residential and commercial designers who seek originality, quality and excellent service, along with an enthusiastic approach to providing bespoke designs and finishes.

Rug designs by Freddy Van Zevenbergen