Fotini Delagrammatica

Designer biography

Studio Della Grammatica is a celebrated interior architecture and product design firm that offers a tailored approach to their global clientele blending artisanal, fashion, art and science into their beautiful, award-winning design work.


The Studio’s founder, Fotini Delagrammatica’s interest in carpet design started when she was working as a senior interior designer for some of the biggest fashion firms in London. She has continued to love the tradition, fashion and functionality of carpet design and has clearly illustrated all three components within the design development of the studio’s new carpet collection, 'Fall into Line'.


The design inspiration for the collection was taken from extensive study of 3D details of brutalism architecture along with the minimal art of Frank Stellar. This was then juxtaposed with the tranquillity of Japanese gardens resulting in stunning contemporary and linear designs. This linear aesthetic enables each design to work within an eclectic mix of interior spaces along with the option to combine two or more pieces together like a jigsaw.


The studio’s play on low and high looped pile designs recreate a subtle 3D quality, casting interesting shadow patterns within the composition. The different pile heights combined with subtle colour variations enhance the linear quality and create a beautiful and original collection that Silk Avenue is proud to be part of.


Rug designs by Fotini Delagrammatica