Nicky Haslam

Designer biography

Nicky Haslam and Silk Avenue believed this Smoke and Mirrors Collection should be created exclusively in the meticulous Persian Knot technique, giving these classic-with-a-twist and tribal-inspired designs a timeless individuality. All the rugs are woven in naturally-resistant prime New Zealand wool combined with silk, which gives added softness to the blend and vibrancy to the colours.


Nicky Haslam’s greatest legacy is his undeniable talent and influence as Britain’s ultimate interior designer. In his spare time he is also known as a socialite, artist, cabaret singer, book reviewer, art editor, memoirist and literary editor. Nicky Haslam Studio is one of the worlds most distinguished and prolifically published interior design firms, renowned for opulent, original and timeless interiors.

Rug designs by Nicky Haslam