Tatyana Parfionova

Designer biography

Tatyana Parfionova has been a celebrated fashion designer in St Petersburg for many years, and due to her creative finesse, she has now branched into rug design with the launch of her exciting new collection.


Since founding her own fashion house in 1995 she is considered to be a cultural inspiration in the Russian fashion industry, which is continuously illustrated through her seasonal collections presented each year.


In 2011 she started to extend her creativity into interior design merchandise and in a few years her rug collection has become a key compliment to her ever-expanding interior brand.


Her taste is defined by the Russian and European avant-garde artists of the day, with the importance of nature and variety of colour being depicted in all her work. She believes ‘the mission of the designer is to create an emotion, and share it’ which is clearly evident in her clothes, design products and rug designs.

Rug designs by Tatyana Parfionova