Melodi Horne

Designer biography

Melodi Horne is a brand with character, rich in colour, pattern and design that manufactures beautiful handmade lampshades, cushions and furniture. All its products, including lamp bases, fabrics and wallpapers are bespoke and handcrafted.


Melina was born in Athens, however she was raised in London. Since a young age Melina started developing a passion for colours, fabric textures and design. Her brand combines traditional and contemporary design offering a versatile style. Melina's inspiration usually comes from her passion for travelling which has allowed her to explore different cultures, architecture and art.


The inspiration for this Eastern Twist collection in which geometric patterns prevail, came from nature and art. For the collaboration we decided to produce the rugs in Persian knot quality which is one of the most traditional rug weaving methods. A striking detail of this collection, is that we were determined to bring back the traditional fringe finish with the twist in a variety of colours.



Rug designs by Melodi Horne