Melodi Horne & Silk Avenue Unveil Collection at the Andipa Gallery

Just over a month has passed since we launched our newest collection in collaboration with Melodi Horne at the prestigious Andipa Gallery. Designed by the talented Melina Blaxland-Horne, “The Eastern Twist” collection presents 12 colourful and timeless designs prevailing geometric patterns inspired by nature and art.

The Dilara rug was the highlight of our collaboration

“The Eastern Twist” collection has been produced in Persian quality, which is one of the most traditional weaving techniques. We also decided to bring back the traditional fringe finish with the twist in a variety of colours, making this collection classy but with a modern influence. Dilara, Melodi Horne & Trellis were the designs that stood out the most during the evening.

One of our guests photographing the Melodi Horne rug

Our event took place the same week as the London Design Festival. Initially, we thought that this was going to slightly affect the attendance for our event, however, it turned out to be quite the opposite! That evening, Andipa gallery was the place to be and people soon started realising that from outside the gallery, when the sound of jazz music – played by the wonderful Alex Rimell – caught everyone’s attention and invited people to come in and join the celebration with a glass of bubbles!

Alex Rimell playing some funky jazz music outside the Andipa Gallery

The evening was full of creative and fabulous people who shared their thoughts on the collaboration and engaged in very interesting and friendly conversations. Amongst the invitees was Emilio Pimentel-Reid who is an award-winning interior stylish and editor and hosted a delightful talk about the reasons why Silk Avenue and Melodi Horne decided to do this collaboration, in which the answer was that since the first meeting there has always been a perfect synergy in creating this collection as we both have a very similar level of creativity and a mutual appreciation of colour, pattern and quality.

Some of our guests enjoying their evening exchanging ideas and praising the collection

We can say it was a very successful evening full of bold art, craftmanship, design, music and great atmosphere! Thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to seeing you in the next one!

Our guests listening to Emilio Pimentel-Reid talk