Why Handcrafted Rugs Are A Smarter Choice Over Machine-made Rugs?

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than when it is repleted with the ones we love and our most cherished possessions. 

We want people to appreciate all the décor elements in our homes and rugs are usually the main feature people notice. Whether you want to add character to a room or be the main focus of a grand entrance… a bespoke rug is the perfect match for it!

Choosing a rug that fits your personality or that brings that presence into a room can be a little overwhelming, if we take into account the wide variety of options there are out there. This blog post will provide you with a better insight as to why handmade rugs should be in everyone’s best interests.

Weaver adding a few finishing touches to a very colourful design

Why handmade rugs are more durable?

It is clear that handcrafted rugs are artisanal and therefore, these rugs will take longer to produce. Yet, in the long-run this process promises mindful approach with each yarn weaved by hand, making higher quality rugs which are more durable. Additionally, handmade rugs often come in strong natural materials such as wool, silk and jute which are very hard-wearing. These long-lasting fibres look much more luxurious than synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon or viscose which can look a bit cheap. Did you know that a single fibre of wool is thinner than a single human hair? Yet, is the longest lasting fibre for rugs!

Selection of yarns after they have been dyed

There is no such thing as ‘away’. Why handmade rugs are more sustainable?

As we all probably know, machine-made rugs are easier and faster to produce which leads to a wastage of the materials used. Therefore, handcrafted rugs are more sustainable because, as we have previously said, the manufacturing process is longer and also a single-sighted commitment. 

Silk Avenue offers PET fibres which are made of recycled plastic. They can be used outdoors and are extremely easy to clean, however, this is only possible on hand-knotted rugs.

Value for money

Hand-crafted rugs are usually seen as an investment as they tend to appreciate in value over time, especially if they are well maintained. The price of bespoke hand-made rugs is justifiable because they are unique and each rug carries a story with it. Weavers use skills that have been passed down generations and not every rug is the same. Some of them will have minor imperfections that gives the weaver’s personal touch adding character and uniqueness, which is hard to beat!


The beauty of handmade rugs is that each warp and weft is weaved by hand making the back of the rug uneven and filled with knots, whereas the back of a machine-made rug is uniform and without any knots. These perfect imperfections make each hand-made rug unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Weaver carving into the design