Size & fitting tips

The size of your area rug is a crucial detail that must be thought through. An area rug is there to ground and work in harmony with its environment and more preciously the furniture that it sits beneath. If the area rug is too small, the proportions of the seating may look obscure to the eye, and possibly create a harsh juxtaposition within the interior. If the size is too big, the furniture can look inadequately sized, resulting in a less luxurious setting on appearance. Our team will guide the client through the process ensuring the dimensions are perfect for its space and budget.


Silk Avenue is able to produce wall-to-wall carpet to any specified size. This means that the carpets can be cut to the room size, demolishing the risk of unsightly seams.


Tip: If you don’t know what rug size would suit your room the best, we suggest that you use some tape on your floor and define the outer edges to get a better idea. Alternative we are more than happy to arrange an appointment with you and help you to define the right size.


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Our bespoke rugs and carpets are made to order and can be produced in any material, shape, size and colour.
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