You know you deliver the best client service when you truly understand your products. Here, you’ll find more about the types of materials and the different techniques we use in each one of the custom created rugs and carpets in our range, so you can find the perfect match for your client’s vision.



We make our hand-knotted rugs using a specially designed loom. The horizontal threads interlace to build the base. Then, every knot is tightened to the vertical threads, cut, and tightened again for perfection. Not only does this make each rug unique, the attention to detail means they can last for centuries.




Hand-tufted rugs are made using a tufting gun: a tool that helps create your rug in a custom length. The weaver uses a sheet of canvas featuring your design, then pulls the yarns through on the beam with the tufting gun for quality and individuality.



Our hand-loom rugs are weaved on a vertical loom, with a firmed wrap. The weaver squeezes the rug fibres using a very thin thread. Unlike the hand-knotted rugs, they usually have no fringes, nor secured edges, for a unique look.



To create a flatweave rug, we weave fibres around twisted thread pairs. These rugs are made without using any knots for a slimline look and feel.




For a deep, unique colour to match your design scheme, our luxury rugs and carpets are dyed by hand. We put the yarns together on a roller placed above a dyeing blend. Then, the roller gradually dips the bundled yarns into the blend to capture colour on every strand. One dyed, the yarns are left to dry naturally in the sun.




When your rugs are ready, our washers splash each one with water and soap. Then, they use the traditional paddle technique: a careful method that thoroughly cleans and completely protects the product. They do this entire process twice, then hang the rugs outdoors to dry.




Cutting and shaving is perhaps the most important part of the rug making process. Done properly, your rug will look sleek, vibrant and luxurious, which is why we use an incredibly precise craft and shearing scissors to cut the material to the perfect pile height.




A design carved into the rug gives it a premium, unique appearance. Our craftsmen can carve your individual artwork or chosen pattern into the rug for added luxury. It’s one way we add that little extra to our hand-crafted process that make every rug and carpet we produce individual, with its very own story.




Our attention to detail doesn’t end when your rug is created. Your Silk Avenue team deliver and install each rug with professionalism and consideration to be proud of, supporting you and your clients until the rug is perfectly placed in their home.

Our bespoke rugs and carpets are made to order and can be produced in any material, shape, size and colour.
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