Rugs Trends to Watch in 2023

Have you heard about what the latest rug trends are in 2023? We have gathered information from interior designers to get an insight of what materials, colours, textures and shapes they think will be setting a mood for interiors this year.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibres such as Jute and Wool continue to be an all time favourite and will still be taking over interiors. They not only have a timeless appeal but they are also good for the environment.

Our natural ‘Turbie’ soumak weave rug in 100% jute

Bold Combinations & Earthy Colours

Rugs are a powerful element in a room and they can be the lead element when choosing a colour palette for a space. This year, vibrant combinations and earthy colours seem to be the colour trends moving forward. 

By choosing bold colours you are most likely making the rug be the standout factor of the room and, therefore, the rug will dictate the lead in the room’s colour palette. Whereas, if you want to think ‘nature’ you will be choosing colours like terracota, olive green and alloy orange that signify freshness and that are closer to nature bringing a sense of calm flooring; earthy tone colours are very simple to incorporate to any interior design. Either way, rugs can clearly be the starting point for colour scheming and pattern throughout the rest of the room.

Bespoke hand-tufted rug in 100% silk


We all know that rugs can be used to separate spaces in an open plan, which is why the layering trend prevails to be one of the most popular one. Designers usually do layering by mixing colours and shapes, but now a new trend is to mix textures in order to distinguish the use of each space. 

Woolly Pile Lengths 

What if we told you that woolly pile lengths are coming back? We love seeing this trend reappearing and giving that soft and luxurious feel to spaces. This shift in texture match perfectly the 70s aesthetic and our Moroccan rugs or our new high pile woolly mohair rugs are a classic choice!  

Moroccan rug in 100% New Zealand wool

Distressed Aesthetic Look

Who doesn’t love having timeless pieces in their homes that look like collectors items? Vintage rugs – Turkish and Persian – will never get old. The distressed antique aesthetic gives that ‘perfectly imperfect’ look that we are obsessed with.  

Our distressed ‘Leopard’ rug

Curvy Shapes

Last but not least, curved shapes are probably the biggest trend to welcome 2023. Transitional shapes, soft materials and rounded edges designs is what some designers are looking for now, in order to provide a versatile pattern that goes from traditional to contemporary.

Beautiful bespoke rug in 100% silk